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Tailor-made solutions – beverage and drying

For our customer in the beverage sector, we designed and built this Stainless Steel box, including inverter and electrical panel, for the operation of one of our Master Blower 2800 aimed at drying lines of water bottles. The following images graphically illustrate the various specifications of this unique project: unique because it is tailored to […]

Perfect surface and edges drying for ceramics

Thanks to the 15 kw Master Blower Indirect Drive connected to two stainless steel air blades, the best result for drying ceramics, especially near edges and corners.        

Flanged filters for ceramic environment

For a project in ceramic environment, where we use our MasterBlower, we apply flanged filters like the ones in the photos, with a capacity of 4000 mc/h. This product is particularly suitable for this type of environment because with its 10 micron filtration capacity it protects the machines from ceramic oxide dust, ensuring long life […]

Ceramics: drying after lapping

Lapping process for ceramic tiles ensures a smoother surface and better aesthetics: it is a mechanical process performed on the tile after it has been fired, sometimes combined with a surface protection treatment. For this customer of ours in the ceramic sector we realize a post lapping drying system. Our MasterBlower, placed inside a stainless […]

It looks like wood…but it’s not! A case of (perfect!) ceramic drying

What’s new in the ceramic industry are tiles that truly resemble other materials in a realistic way. In this video you can see wood-like ceramic tiles: the difference is really hard to grasp. For this customer of ours and for anyone in the industry who asks, we provide consulting, design, supply and installation of drying […]

AISI 304 Master Blower box: maximum protection, maximum attention to customer needs

For our Spanish customer in the beverage sector, we have developed a drying system with Master Blower 2800 – 15 kW for 8-litre water bottles, a particularly popular format in Spain. We have already talked about the Master Blower and its characteristics in terms of energy efficiency and reduced consumption in previous articles. In this […]

MasterBlower for Pharmaceutical sector

    Drying tunnel for bags containing physiological solution for IVs, capacity 500/1000 cc Belt speed: 3m/sec Components: 3 x MasterBlower model SM 950-50 A two-stage blower to facilitate the evaporation of residual water Each MasterBlower is connected to 4 airknives through fittings and pipes: 600mm, Stainless Steel Aisi 304 The entire system is made […]

Master Blower VERSUS Side Channel Blowers

In the past Apply Italia always used common side channel blowers, just like most of the experts in the field and our competitors. This decade of experience allowed us to design and build an effective and efficient alternative to side channel blowers: that is how Master Blower was born. But let’s see why you should […]

Sterilisation, vacuum and drying: industrial processes necessary for health

Food sterilisation is a thermal process mainly used by the food industry to give stability and microbiological safety to products hermetically sealed. Sterilisation is one of the food preservation techniques; a food, after it has been prepared for consumption, if not used immediately must be preserved, i.e. made stable and safe for a reasonable period […]