MasterBlower for bottles drying system – 50.000 bott/h

Our client, internationally renowned brand in “beverage” sector, needed to optimize electrical power consume and improve the performance of glass bottles drying.

Our MasterBlower Mb2800-15 has replaced several side channel blowers.

Our system includes:

  • 1 MasterBlower Mb2800-15 (Power 15kw, flow range 2800 mc/h)
  • 1 Stainless Steel-waterproof sound insulation box with air filtering system (EPA filters) easy to remove and maintain.
  • 1 electrical panel with inverter to adapt the power consumption in relation to the speed of the specific drying line (which can vary from product to product)
  • 4 Stainless Steel air blades, length 1000 mm, “thin” lamination which perfectly avoids flow range leakage
  • Stainless Steel food-grade silicone hoses (Ø76 mm)

In perfect working order our system, with 15Kw rated power, totally replaced 3 side channel blowers with 9Kw rated power each, also improving the quality of the drying.

Payback period stimato dell’investimento di circa 6-7 mesi.