MODEL SM | 500-03

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SM | 500-03

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Within Masterblower variety this model is the ideal solution for any installation that requires more than one blower to obtain different performances along the structure and in reduced spaces.

It is characterized by high flow rates, very small footprint, high pressure increase, best in class for efficiency and operational versatility (caused by wide frequency ranges): these qualities allow to reach best performances and maximum flexibility in every system.

Pressure/power flow data

Rated Power
Frequency range
Max pressure increase


Flow range
Noise *
Suction Compression
3.0 100/320 205 260 140-530 78 44

* Noisiness measured in accordance to ISO 3744 standard, with ducted aspiration and delivery

Pression/power flow scheme

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Tolerance on selected values +/- 10%


Technical docs

Overall dimensions

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